MKR RGB Shield

The MKR RGB Shield is a great for creating simple light installations out of the box! With 84 programmable RGBs in a 12x7 matrix, you can use it to create scrolling texts, create simple animations or even use it to create retro games.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the MKR RGB library.

MKR RGB Shield

Downloadable resources

RGB matrix

The layout is 12x7, which is a total of 84 RGB LEDs.

MKR Form Factor
Smart lamp

This shield mounts directly on top of any MKR board that can easily transform it to a connected smart lamp.

UV Sensor

The LEDs are very dense and bright, and with full RGB colors.

Scrolling text

With the MKR_RGB library, simply write the text you want to appear on the matrix.