MKR IMU Shield-board

MKR IMU Shield

The MKR IMU Shield helps you integrate inertial measurements with your projects. Read three-dimensional acceleration, yaw rate and magnetical field by simply mounting it on top of a MKR family board.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the MKR IMU library.

Bosch orientation sensor

This 9-axis absolute orientation sensor from Bosch consists of three sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor.


First Steps

Quickstart Guide
All you need to know to get started with your new Arduino Shield.

Suggested Libraries

MKRIMU library
The MKRIMU library allows you to read the acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic field and euler angles from the IMU on your MKR IMU shield.

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MKR IMU Shield Basics

Learn the basics to get started with the MKR IMU Shield.