MKR Motor Carrier

The MKR Motor Carrier makes it easy to control servo, DC and stepper motors. With a number of different built in motor drivers, several easy connectors for motors and batteries and support for encoders, this powerhouse of a carrier is a must for any MKR projects involving motors.

MKR Motor Carrier

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The MKR Motor Carrier features a ATSAMD11 processor for automated control of the outputs, two MC33926 DC / servo motor drivers and two DRV8871 DC motor drivers. It also features screw terminals for motor outputs, male header pins for motor outputs, an I2C connector, encoder inputs, LiPo battery connector and battery reading capabilities.


The MKR Motor Carrier features an on-board processor for automated control the outputs.


The MKR Motor Carrier features a DC / Servo motor driver capable of handling currents up to 5A.


The MKR Motor Carrier features a DC motor driver with PWM control capable of handling currents up to 3A.

Motor outputs

The carrier features four servo motor outputs and four DC motor outputs (two standard, two high performance).

Encoder inputs

The MKR Motor Carrier features two inputs for encoders.

Screw terminals

Screw terminals makes connections more robust for projects in motion.

LiPo battery connector

Connect a 6.5V - 11.1V battery to either the male headers (2S and 3S compatible) or to the screw terminals.

Male header pins

Several male header connections for DC / servo motors are available. In addition, it also has a 4 pin I2C connector.

Battery status

The MKR Motor Carrier is capable of reading the current status of batteries.