MKR IoT Carrier-board

MKR IoT Carrier

The sensors, circuits and display integrated on the MKR IoT Carrier leave you free to focus on prototyping and programming your next IoT projects.

The MKR IoT Carrier comes equipped with 5 RGB LEDs, 5 capacitive touch buttons, a colored display, IMU and a variety of quality sensors. It also features a battery holder for a 18650 Li-Ion battery, SD card holder and Grove connectors.


The MKR IoT Carrier has 5 RGB LEDs that are easily accessible through the Arduino_MKRIoTCarrier library.


The MKR IoT Carrier comes with an integrated display, letting you create graphical UIs with the 240x240 resolution display.


The MKR IoT Carrier comes with a IMU, combining an accelerometer and a gyroscope including a machine learning core.

Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor

A compact absolute pressure sensor with a range between 260 hPa and 1260 hPa, with power consumption as low as 3 μA.

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

A relative humidity and temperature sensor with high accuracy.

Color Sensor
Color Sensor

An ambient light and RGB color sensor with gesture detection.

3x Grove connectors

The carrier features two analog I/O and one I2C Grove connector.


First Steps

Quickstart Guide
All you need to know to get started with your new Arduino Carrier.

Suggested Libraries

The Arduino_MKRIoTCarrier library allows you to control the IoT MKR Carrier and all the components included in the Explore IoT Kit.

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MKR IoT Carrier Cheat Sheet

Learn how to set up the MKR IoT Carrier, get a quick overview of the compatible boards, components, and the library.

IoT Smart Garden Setup with MKR IoT Carrier

Build a smart garden setup with the MKR IoT Carrier, a pump, and a moisture sensor.

IoT Cloud
Water Pump
Moisture Sensor


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