MKR Therm Shield

The MKR Therm Shield is a great addon for MKR family boards, and allows you to connect high quality thermocouplers, and can calculate temperatures from -200 °C to +700 °C. An ideal solution to use for ovens, freezers, smokers and similar environments.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the Arduino_MKRTHERM library.

MKR Therm Shield

Downloadable resources

Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple-to-digital converter

This thermocouple-to-digital converter is used to digitize readings made from different types of thermocouplers, and can be used for reading extreme temperatures (-200°C to +700°C).

K type connector

The K type female connector makes it easy to connect other K type male connectors.

Screw terminals

A robust way of connecting the bare wires from a thermocoupler.

Support for DS18xx

A DS18xx temperature sensor can be soldered directly to the board.