MKR GPS Shield-board

MKR GPS Shield

The MKR GPS Shield is based on the u-blox SAM-M8Q GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) module. It can be used to add GPS to any of your MKR boards.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the MKR GPS library.

u-blox SAM-M8Q

With minimal data acquisition time, small form factor and high sensitivity, the SAM-M8Q module from u-blox is great for any GPS project.

World Map

The Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of at least 24 satellites, and provides coverage over the entire world at any time.


First Steps

Quickstart Guide
All you need to know to get started with your new Arduino Shield.

Suggested Libraries

Arduino_MKRGPS library
The Arduino_MKRGPS library allows you to read the location from the GPS on your MKR GPS Shield.

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MKR GPS Shield Basics

Learn how to access GPS data from the module on board the MKR GPS Shield.



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