MKR CAN Shield

The MKR CAN Shield is a great addon for MKR family boards, and allows you to connect to a CAN (Controller Area Network) bus, widely used in the automotive industry.

To use this shield, you can refer to the documentation of the CAN library.

MKR CAN Shield

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The MKR CAN Shield is based on the MCP2515 CAN controller and the TJA1049 CAN transceiver. Mounting this shield on a MKR family board allows you to connect to existing CAN systems. It also features the TPS54232 buck converter from Texas Instruments.

Can Interface

This high-speed CAN transceiver provides an interface between a CAN controller (MCP2515) and the physical CAN bus.

Power with battery

A DC-DC converter with pulse-skipping Eco-Mode feature, which allows the use of batteries as a power supply.