MKR ENV Shield-board

MKR ENV Shield

The MKR ENV Shield is a perfect addon for the MKR family series, and is capable of reading temperature, humidity, light and pressure. The data is aqcuired easily through an easy-to-use library, and has an SD card slot for offline data logging.

The MKR ENV Shield comes equipped with three sensors: LPS22HB, HTS221 and TEMT6000. It is perfect for data capturing projects, and is a low-threshold product for beginners to start working with real-time data. The shield's components are designed to operate in temperatures between -40 °C and +120 °C.
Pressure Sensor
A compact absolute pressure sensor with a range between 260 hPa and 1260 hPa, with power consumption as low as 3 μA.
Temperature Sensor
A relative humidity and temperature sensor with high accuracy.
Light Sensor
An ambient light sensor based on a epitaxial planar phototransistor, with a peak sensitivity of 570 nm.
Micro SD card slot
Store all of your environmental data on an external SD card.
UV Sensor
VEML6075 (older versions only)
Capture ultraviolet UVA and UVB intensity.


Reading Data From the MKR ENV Shield

Learn how to access the different sensors, such as temperature, humidity & pressure.

Environmental data