Nicla Sense ME

The Nicla Sense ME houses 4 low power sensors in a small footprint enabling powerful data fusion capabilities on the edge. Analyse 'Motion' and 'Environment' with industrial grade Bosch sensors that can accurately measure rotation, acceleration, pressure, humidity, temperature, air quality and CO2 levels.

Nicla Sense ME

The Arduino® Nicla Sense ME is our smallest form factor yet, with a range of industrial grade sensors packed into a tiny footprint. Measure process parameters such as temperature, humidity and movement. Featuring a 9-axis inertial measurement unit and the possibility for Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, it can help you to create your next Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled project. Make your own industrial grade wireless sensing network with the onboard BHI260AP, BMP390, BMM150 and BME688 Bosch sensors.

Nicla Form Factor
Nicla Form Factor

The Arduino Nicla Sense ME is our smallest form factor yet.


An AI smart sensor hub with integrated 6-axis IMU (3-Axis Accelerometer + 3-Axis Gyroscope) for activity detection, powered by a 32 Bit Synopsys DesignWare ARC™ EM4™ CPU.

Pressure Sensor

A high performance pressure sensor operating between 300 - 1250 hPa with low drift.


A low noise magnetometer with a typical range of ±1300μT in the X,Y axis and ±2500μT in the Z axis.

Temperature Sensor

An Environmental sensor that can measure pressure, humidity and temperature. Additionally, the onboard smart gas sensor can also help in determining the air quality index by detecting a broad range of gases, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

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