Nicla Vision

The Arduino® Nicla Vision is a ready-to-use, standalone camera for analyzing and processing images on the edge. Thanks to its 2 MP color camera, smart 6-axis motion sensor, integrated microphone and distance sensor, it is suitable for asset tracking, object recognition and predictive maintenance. Quickly implement sensor nodes to send collected data to the Arduino® Cloud (or third-party vendor services) via integrated Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® LE connectivity.

Nicla Vision

The Arduino® Nicla Vision is a powerful microcontroller equipped with 2MP color camera in a tiny form factor. With WiFi and BLE connectivity, the board maximizes compatibility with professional and consumer equipment. The board features an integrated microphone, distance sensor, smart 6-axis motion sensor and MicroPython support. The Nicla Vision can also be battery powered making it standalone.

Nicla Form Factor
Nicla Form Factor

The Arduino Nicla Vision is our smallest form factor yet.


This 6-axis IMU allows to obtain 3D gyroscopic and 3D accelerometer data. It is also possible to do machine learning on the IMU for gesture detection, offloading computation load from the main processor.


The Nicla Vision features an STM32H747AII6 Dual ARM® Cortex® - M7 core up to 480 MHz + M4 core up to 240 MHz.

2MP color camera

The board uses the GC2145, a 2MP color camera.

Omnidirectional microphone

The MP34DT06JTR digital MEMS microphone is omnidirectional and operate via a capacitive sensing element with a high signal to noise ratio.

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