The GIGA R1 WiFi is a powerful, feature-packed board with a large amount of GPIOs and dedicated connectors. Based on the STM32H747XI micro based on the Mbed OS, the GIGA R1 WiFi features 76 GPIOs, a dual core processor, advanced ADC/DAC features as well as camera & display connectors. It also has a rich USB interface with support for HID via USB-C® and USBHost (keyboard, mass storage) via a dedicated USB-A connector.

To download the source file for this board, click this link.


The GIGA R1 WiFi comes with a USB-C® connector for programming, communication and HID functionality, a USB-A connector for connecting devices such as USB sticks and keyboards. It features a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting speakers, microphones etc. Dedicated camera & display connectors are located at the top of the board, which can also be connected from underneath.

With a fast dual core microcontroller (480MHz / 240MHz), 76 GPIOs, several communication buses, you can build large projects using the GIGA R1 WiFi as a base. The GIGA R1 WiFi also comes equipped with a radio module, crypto chip and an antenna.

Mega Form Factor
Cheat Sheet
A reference to all technical features on this board, with pointers to additional documents.
Advanced ADC/DAC
Learn more about the ADC/DAC features of the GIGA R1 WiFi board, and discover examples for Audio projects.
Dual Core
The STM32H747XI has two cores that can be programmed separately (M4/M7). You can for example run MicroPython and Arduino code simultaneously and communicate via an RPC.
The GIGA R1 WiFi comes with a Murata LBEE5KL1DX-883 radio module for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® communication.
The GIGA R1 WiFi has support for MicroPython, which can be set up in just minutes.
This board has USB-C® for power/programming/communication line, and a USB-A for connecting USB devices (keyboards, mass storage).
Camera Support
Learn how to connect a camera via the dedicated connector.
Arduino Cloud
The GIGA R1 WiFi is compatible with the Arduino Cloud platform. Build IoT projects in just minutes!