GIGA Display Shield

The GIGA Display Shield is a touch screen solution for quickly and easily deploying UI and visual solutions to your GIGA R1 WiFi projects, with a 800x480 RGB touch display and support for several UI building frameworks.

3D printable enclosure for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and GIGA Display Shield can be found here.

GIGA Display Shield

The GIGA Display Shield has a 3.97” 480x800 RGB touch screen, a digital microphone, a 6-axis IMU and an RGB LED. The shield can easily be mounted on the GIGA R1 WiFi board.

Utilizing the GIGA R1 WiFi's fast 480 MHz microcontroller, you can build powerful UIs, use interactive 3D animations, display camera feed and much more. The shield is compatible with a wide range of graphics libraries, including LVGL, GFX and ArduinoGraphics.

3.97” 480x800 RGB touch screen
A back-light screen with the resolution of a 4.0” TFT-LCD which contains 480x800 pixels, and can display up to 16.7 million colors.
LVGL is a framework for creating sophisticated UIs, supporting animations, touch and with a large set of widgets to choose from.
Draw on the display with the easy-to-use and well documented GFX library.
MP34DT06JTR Digital Microphone
The microphone on the shield is an ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone built with a capacitive sensing element and an IC interface.
Bosch BMI270 6 Axis IMU
The shield has an IMU that can provide precise acceleration, angular rate measurement and intelligent on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features.
Camera Support
This shield has a camera connector with support for a range of Arducam® cameras. Display the camera feed directly on the display!
This shield has a built-in RGB LED that is controlled via an I2C interface.