UNO WiFi Rev2

The Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 is the easiest point of entry to basic IoT with the standard form factor of the UNO family. Whether you are looking at building a sensor network connected to your office or home router, or if you want to create a Bluetooth® Low Energy device sending data to a cellphone, the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 is your one-stop-solution for many of the basic IoT application scenarios.

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The Arduino UNO WiFi Rev 2 features the secure ATECC608 crypto chip accelerator, using the ATmega4809 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip. It also has an onboard IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), LSM6DS3TR and features the NINA-W102 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® module from u-Blox.

WiFi and BluetoothWiFi and Bluetooth
Bluetooth® / WiFi

Enables Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity for the UNO WiFi Rev2 board.


The UNO WiFi Rev2 comes with the LSM6DS3TR, a low-power IMU module that includes a 3D digital accelerometer & gyroscope.