9 Axis Motion Shield-board

9 Axis Motion Shield

Allow your Arduino to measure movement: orientation, acceleration and magnetic field!

The Arduino 9 Axis Motion Shield is based on the BNO055 absolute orientation sensor from Bosch Sensortec GmbH which integrates a triaxial 14-bit accelerometer, a triaxial 16-bit gyroscope with a range of ±2000 degrees per second and a triaxial geomagnetic sensor with a 32-bit microcontroller running the BSX3.0 FusionLib software.

BNO055 sensor features three-dimensional acceleration, yaw rate, and magnetic field strength data each in 3 perpendicular axes. It also provides the sensor fusion signals such as quaternion, euler angles, rotation vector, linear acceleration, and gravity vector.


The 9-axis orientation sensor from Bosch consists of three sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor.


Previous Versions

Schematics v8
Download the V8 schematics of the 9 Axis Motion Shield.
Eagle Files v8
Download the V8 Eagle Files of the 9 Axis Motion Shield.

Suggested Libraries

The official library to use the BNO055 sensor onboard the 9 Axis Motion Shield.