Portenta Hat Carrier

The Portenta Hat Carrier is an innovative solution enabling multiple robotics, industrial, and building automation projects. Combined with the Portenta X8, H7, or C33 boards, it evolves into a powerful industrial platform, further complemented by its compatibility with Raspberry Pi® Hats.

Portenta Hat Carrier

The carrier grants easy access to an array of peripherals, from Raspberry Pi® Hats thanks to its Raspberry Pi® like 40-Pin header connector, to CAN, Ethernet, microSD, USB, camera, and analog input and output ports. Its design is further enhanced with dedicated pins for efficient debugging and PWM fan connector.

Mega Form Factor
Raspberry Pi® Hats

Thanks to its 40-Pin Raspberry like connector the Portenta Hat Carrier is compatible with most of the Raspberry Pi® Hats available on the market.

Linux Powered

The Portenta X8, powered by Linux, is the perfect fit for this carrier, expanding its accessibility and interfacing options.

Arduino Powered

The carrier is also compatible with the Portenta H7, Portenta C33, and the auxiliary core of the Portenta X8, being fully compatible with the Arduino code ecosystem.

MIPI Camera Connector

The Portenta Hat Carrier allows rapid development of machine vision applications thanks to the Portenta X8 and the MIPI CSI camera connector.


The Portenta Hat Carrier provides a high-speed CAN FD transceiver that allows CAN bus communication connections.


Access a wide range of I/O with the Portenta Hat Carrier headers, including Ethernet, USB, Analog I/O, PWM, I2S, I2C, SPI and a CANBus port.

MicroSD Card Slot

The Portenta Hat Carrier microSD card slot can be used for data logging and media operations.

JTAG connector

The Portenta Hat Carrier allows for easy debugging through the JTAG connector.

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