Make Your UNO Kit-board

Make Your UNO Kit

Build your own Arduino UNO from scratch using raw electronic components! The Make Your UNO Kit includes all electronic components needed to build the classic UNO board, a long with 3D instructions, video & text content to support your journey.

The Make Your UNO Kit includes all components for you to make your own UNO, such as the ATmega328P chip, a USB-C® module, header rows and more. This kit also features a step-by-step 3D interactive model that will guide you through the soldering steps.

Beginner Friendly

This kit includes instructions for you who have never soldered before! But don't worry if you're an expert. You can also cut right to the chase!

UNO Form Factor
The Classic UNO

Includes all electronic components needed to build the popular Arduino UNO board from scratch!

Synthesiser Shield

This kit also includes components to build a Synthesiser Shield for producing funky tunes!

3D Interactive Guide

A 3D Interactive Guide is included in this kit, that allows you to follow soldering instructions in detail.


Interactive Viewer

Interact with the schematics, the PCB and a 3D model of the product.

Pinout Diagram

A diagram showing the functions and the arrangement of the pins on your product.