Plant Watering Kit

Decorating your home with plants is an easy way to bring some life into your day-to-day. The only problem is - those plants need water to survive, and if you forget to pay attention to them for a while you may need to start over. So instead of staying ever vigilant, why not spend an afternoon creating a setup that will let you both monitor the amount of moisture in your plants soil, and water your plants from afar using the Arduino Cloud?

Plant Watering Kit

The Arduino Plant Watering Kit makes watering your plants easier than before and the setup can be scaled up to fit as many plants as you want. Check the main features below:

5V submersible pump

Submerse the pump into water to pump fresh water straight into your plant.

Humidity Sensor
Moisture Sensor

Check your plant and get updates about the moisture straight to your dashboard.

Nano Form Factor
Nano Screw Terminal Adapter

Use the Screw Terminal Adapter to easily connect wires without the need to solder.

Grove LED button

Check the integrated LED button so see if your plant needs water and if so simply press it.