Nano ESP32

The Arduino Nano ESP32 is the first ever Arduino board based on a ESP32 microcontroller from Espressif, the NORA-W106 module from u-blox®. USB-C® connector, 16 MB (128 Mbit) of Flash, support for MicroPython & Arduino Cloud enabled, it is a very versatile development board.

This board is a perfect entry point to learn MicroPython, dive into it with our free course: MicroPython 101

Nano ESP32
The Arduino Nano ESP32 features the NORA-W106, a module with a ESP32-S3 chip inside. This module supports both Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® (5.0 and above), making it an ideal device for IoT development. The popular Nano form factor also makes it compatible with many hardware accessories.
MicroPython 101
Learn the basics of MicroPython with the Nano ESP 32 and our free MicroPython 101 course.
Arduino Cloud
The Nano ESP32 is compatible with the Arduino Cloud platform. Build IoT projects in just minutes!
This board is Bluetooth® enabled allowing you to control peripheral devices and start implementing Bluetooth® Low Energy applications.
ESP32 Platform
The Nano ESP32's Board Package is based on the well maintained & documented ESP32 core from Espressif.
The first Nano board to feature a USB-C® connector!
The Nano ESP32 supports out-of-the-box debugging with no additional hardware required!
The Nano ESP32 supports the ESP-NOW protocol develop by Espressif!