Nano Matter

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The Arduino Nano Matter combines Arduino's user-friendly approach with the powerful MGM240S technology from Silicon Labs. This enables Makers and Professionals to work with Matter®, the popular standard for IoT devices, taking advantage of the Nano's low-power and compact design.

Nano Matter

The Nano Matter uses Silicon Labs's powerful MGM240S chip, making the popular IoT connectivity standard, Matter®, more accessible in Maker and Professional applications. Its versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth® Low Energy and Openthread, make it ideal for projects requiring low-power efficiency and broad connectivity.

Thanks to the Nano Matter and its small form factor, you can easily prototype new Matter devices, expanding your home automation and professional IoT implementations to the next level.

Matter® Ready
Create, connect, and communicate with Matter® compatible devices using Arduino as the software layer for rapid prototyping.
Nano Matter uses Thread for IoT mesh networking communication in a highly compact form factor.
MGM240SD22VNA 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M33
The Nano Matter integrates MGM240SD22VNA, boasting a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M33 processor optimized for complex calculations and signal processing in power-sensitive IoT applications.
Bluetooth® connectivity
Leverage dual-mode connectivity, integrating both IEEE 802.15.4 (Thread) for mesh networking and Bluetooth® Low Energy for short-range communication.
Debugging over USB
No external debugging device is needed. Connect the board to the computer over USB and have access to a SWD interface.
Low power consumption
The Nano Matter has been designed as an ultra-low power board, being the perfect solution for IoT battery-powered applications.
Nano Form Factor
Tiny footprint
With a length of 45 mm and a width of 18 mm, the Nano Matter maintains a tiny footprint of the well-known Nano family, allowing easy upgrades for existing projects.
Crypto Chip
Secure Vault technology enabled
Protect your project with the industry-leading suite of security features from Silicon Labs escalating Internet of Things (IoT) threats.

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