Edge Control Enclosure Kit

The Edge Control Enclosure Kit provides a full enclosure for the Edge Control.

Thanks to its form factor, the device can be conveniently affixed to a Din Rail mount system, allowing swift access to all I/Os.

Temperature Sensor
Enclosure Temperature

The Edge Control Enclosure Kit is designed to operate within industrial temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C and does not require any external cooling.

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Enclosure IP Standard

The cover, with an IP40 rating, is designed to shield the mounted Edge Control from the intrusion of solid objects exceeding 1mm in size.

Note: This rating does not provide protection against moisture.

Breakout LCD Display + Push Button

The kit includes a breakout board featuring an LCD display (NDS1602A) and a push-button, allowing users to display data and characters on the 2x16 LCD display and interact with the device via the push-button.

Note: The LCD display comes with protective coverage, securely assembled to the device cover. (See pictures)

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