Arduino is adding the Python language as an additional option for programming microcontrollers. Our platform of choice is MicroPython. We support the official MicroPython project by contributing to the upstream repo.

To load MicroPython scripts to your board, you need to use a code editor. There are two editors to choose from: Arduino Lab for MicroPython and the OpenMV

MicroPython 101

Explore the world of Arduino and MicroPython with the MicroPython 101 course, using the Arduino Nano ESP32.


Learn MicroPython and Arduino through a series of learning chapters with practical exercises.


Discover plug-and-play projects with complete code & circuit examples.

Required Hardware

For this course, you will need the following material:


Arduino has developed MicroPython support for the boards listed below. Here you can find the latest firmwares, and a link to installation instructions.

OpenMV Firmware & IDE

OpenMV Firmware & IDE

OpenMV is a MicroPython-based firmware for machine vision and learning. It includes a specialized editor. Install the OpenMV firmware for Arduino via the IDE and find the latest versions on the OpenMV release page on GitHub. Check it out!