Opta Digital Expansion

The Arduino Opta® Digital Expansion is a plug-and-play extension to the Opta® PLC Controller that expands its capabilities with more inputs and outputs. Two variants are available: the AFX00005 - Opta Ext D1608E (with Electromechanical Relays) and the AFX00006 - Opta Ext D1608S (with Solid State Relays), both of them fully compatible with the Arduino Ecosystem.

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Arduino Opta® Digital Expansions are designed to multiply your Opta® micro PLC capabilities with the addition of 16 programmable inputs for connecting your digital sensors and 8 more relays to operate your machines.

Designed in partnership with leading relay manufacturer Finder®, it allows professionals to scale up industrial and building automation projects while taking advantage of the Arduino ecosystem.

Arduino Opta® Digital Expansion is available in two variants:

  • AFX00005 - Arduino Opta® Ext D1608E: Electromechanical Relay outputs
  • AFX00006 - Arduino Opta® Ext D1608S: Solid State Relay outputs

Up to 5 snap-on modules managed to multiply and mix your set of I/Os with seamless detection.

Temperature Sensor
Industrial Temperature Range

Arduino Opta® Digital Expansion has a highly reliable design operating at industrial temperature ranges (-20 °C to +50 °C).

Programming Languages Supported
  • Arduino sketch
  • IEC-61131-3:
    • Ladder (LD)
    • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
    • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
    • Structured Text (ST)
    • Instruction List (IL)
Suitable to DIN Rail

Thanks to its form factor, it can be attached to a Din Rail mount system, providing a quick access to all the I/O ‘s.

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