Arduino Alvik is a powerful and versatile robot specifically designed for programming and robotics education.

Powered by the Arduino Nano ESP32, Arduino Alvik offers diverse learning paths through different programming languages, including MicroPython, Arduino C, and block-based coding, enabling different possibilities to explore robotics, IoT and AI.

Downloadable resources

Arduino Alvik is powered by the new Arduino Nano ESP32 microcontroller, which features the newest popular MCU ESP32-S3, with the full support of the Arduino ecosystem, allowing users to explore the world of Arduino and MicroPython without any blocker.

STM32 Arm® Cortex®-M4
At the core of the robot there is a powerful 32-bit MCU.
API Overview
A reference to all the API to interface with the STM32 core.
Learn the basics of MicroPython with the Nano ESP32 and our free MicroPython 101 course.
Proximity Sensor
VL53L7CX Time-of-Flight sensor
Fast and accurate multizone distance ranging sensor with 90° wide Field of View.
18650 Li-Ion battery included
Rechargeable and replaceable battery.
Color Sensor
Color Sensor
An ambient light, RGB color sensor and proximity sensor.
The LSM6DSOX, a low-power IMU module that includes a 3D digital accelerometer & gyroscope.