14. Portenta X8 Firmware Release Notes

This article contains release notes of the existing Portenta X8 firmwares.

Firmware Release Notes

The present document provides detailed release notes for each firmware version of the Portenta X8. Explore the changes, improvements, and fixes for the released firmware.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Supported Device:

Compatible carriers with the supported device:

Firmware Versions

The following section highlights the critical updates and enhancements introduced in the latest firmware version. It presents the most significant progress and optimizations implemented to improve performance, enhance user experience, and strengthen security.

Latest Firmware Version: 746

The listing herein offers a glimpse into the Portenta X8 firmware's continuous improvement and enhancement. You can expect a concise overview of the integrated key new features, major bug fixes, and critical security patches to ensure the highest level of functionality and performance within the Portenta X8 system.

  • New Features:
  • Added support for the Portenta Hat Carrier
  • Added experimental support for Ditto
  • Enhancements:
  • Improved bridge implementation (X8H7)
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Patched u-boot env accessibility in devel images
  • Patched CAN bus protocol
  • Security Updates:
  • Security patches and updates included in the most recent release.

You can access the latest version of the firmware here.

Available Firmware Versions

Below is a list of all available firmware versions with their release notes.

OS Image 746

OS Image 746: Release arduino-88.91

New Features

  • Added the Portenta HAT Carrier support
  • Added experimental support for Ditto


  • Improved bridge implementation (X8H7)

Bug Fixes

  • u-boot env accessible in devel images
  • Patches for CAN bus protocol

Security Updates

  • Security patches and updates to enhance protection.

Additional Notes

  • Based on LmP v88. It is based on the Yocto manifest. For docker-compose apps, check out here.

OS Image 719

OS Image 719: Release arduino-88.7

New Features

  • Added PWM fan support
  • Added Pika Spark support
  • Experimental support for RPi v3.0 (imx708) (V4L2, I2C)
  • Support Bayer bggr 10-bit in bsp, courtesy of NXP (Weiping Liu) (V4L2, GSTREAMER)


  • Improved RPi v1.3 (ov5647_mipi) and reaching 30fps (V4L2, I2C)
  • Improved RPi v2.1 (imx219) (V4L2, I2C)

Bug Fixes

  • Patches CAN bus TX issues

Additional Notes

  • Based on LmP v88. This is based on the Yocto manifest. For docker-compose apps, check out here.

For instructions on how to install or upgrade to the latest firmware version, you can use the Portenta X8 Out-of-the-box or flash it manually downloading the newest version directly from this link.

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