How To Flash Your Portenta X8

This tutorial teaches you how to flash your Portenta X8 through USB


In this tutorial you will see how to manually flash your Portenta X8 with the image that is provided by through USB using the Terminal.

Attention: We encourage you to check every now and then if the device image version is up to date in order to have the latest bootloader, please check the release section of the lmp-manifest repository and compare the target version number


  • Get the required files
  • Set up the correct structure of the files
  • Set up the board
  • Flash the device

Required Hardware and Software


Get the Required Files

Required files following this structure:

1Root folder
2├── imx-boot-portenta-x8
3├── lmp-partner-arduino-image-portenta-x8.wic.gz **(Compressed)**
4├── mfgtool-files-portenta-x8.tar.gz **(Compressed)**
5├── sit-portenta-x8.bin
6└── u-boot-portenta-x8.itb

To get those files:

Arduino's GitHub Repository

Go to the

GitHub repository and open the releases section, there you will find a compressed
with all the required files.


Open your FoundriesFactory®. factories dashboard factories dashboard

Switch to the targets tab. factory targets tab factory targets tab

Click on the platform-master version. tag dashboard tag dashboard

On the "Runs" section open those collapsed labels, and download the files listed above by clicking on their text (like a normal link). target runs section target runs section

After downloading them, make sure you put them in a folder following the structure shown and extract the compressed files.

Set the Portenta X8 to Flashing Mode

Plug your Porenta X8 into your carrier (Portenta Breakout carrier ).

Switch both DIP switches to the ON position.

Plug the USB-C end into the Portenta X8 and the other end (USB-C or USB-A) to your computer.

You will see a new device connected called

SE Blank M845S

Flash the Device

Open a terminal and change the directory (

) to your root folder as shown in the beginning.

Use the

uuu full_image.uuu

Wait until it gets flashed.

uuu tool flashing success output
uuu tool flashing success output

Switch back the DIP switches to OFF position.

Unplug and then plug in the Portenta X8 to your computer.

After booting you will need to wait 10 secs, until the Portenta X8 blue LED starts blinking, this means the boot was successful


  • If you get an error while its flashing, make sure your USB is correctly plugged in. Re-plug your board and try to flash again, you may need few tries before the flashing is successful.

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