Nano Every Community Projects

Discover interesting projects from the community based on the Nano Every board.

The Nano Every is an inexpensive yet powerful board in a tiny form factor. In this article you will find great videos and articles related to the Nano Every board, made by our amazing community of makers.

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NeoPixel Driver Without Bit-Banging

This great video from Elektor shows how to create a NeoPixel driver through the Custom Configurable Logic (CCL) block. It also serves as a nice introduction to the Nano Every board!

Turntable For 7" Records

If you happen to be a vintage record collector AND a fan of DIY electronics, this project might interest you.

Using a Nano Every and a custom PCB, this maker made a turntable capable of playing 7" records (singles), and it is impressive to say the least! Check it out in the link below:

Smart Electricity Meter

A bit more advanced use case for the Nano Every is documented by user torstengeppert on the Arduino Project Hub platform.

This smart electricity meter measures and stores the readings from two meters, simultaneously. To read more about this project, visit the link below:

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