Nano 33 BLE Sense Community Projects

Discover interesting projects from the community based on the Nano 33 BLE Sense board.

The Nano BLE Sense is a fantastic, versatile board that can be used for environmental & gesture sensing, machine learning and connectivity projects. In this article you will find great videos and articles related to the Nano BLE Sense board, made by our amazing community of makers.

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Voice Control

Picovoice is a platform for creating voice AI applications, and they have implemented support for the Nano BLE Sense. The example above teaches us how to set different parameters on the board, such as speed, iterations and color, using only our voice.

Magic Wand

The AI-Powered Magic Wand by Andri Yadi is a great project to undertake with your Nano BLE Sense. Learn how to turn your board into a magic wand and channel your inner Harry Potter (or Hermione Granger). You can learn more about this project through the links below:

Phyphox App Monitoring

Learn how to access data from the Nano BLE Sense via the Phyphox. To learn more about this project, check the link below:

Color Detection

In this project, the Nano BLE Sense learns how to identify three different colors. You can read more about this in the link below:

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