Arduino IDE 2 Tutorials

Discover all the new features of the Arduino IDE 2, our faster and more powerful programming tool.

Downloading and installing the Arduino IDE 2.0

A quick guide on how to install the IDE 2.0 on your operative system.

How to upload a sketch with the Arduino IDE 2.0

Learn the basics of verifying and uploading sketches with the new IDE 2.0.

The autocomplete feature

Learn how the autocomplete feature works with Arduino IDE 2.0, and how it can help speed up your development time.

Installing new boards

Learn how the new board manager tool works, and how to easily install the boards you want to use in the Arduino IDE 2.0.

Synchronizing Sketches between IDE 2.0 and Arduino Cloud

Learn how to enable your Remote Sketchbook, and how to pull, edit and push Sketches to the Arduino Cloud.

Debugging with the Arduino IDE 2.0

Learn how to set up a Zero board, J-Link and Atmel-ICE debuggers with the Arduino IDE 2.0, and how to debug a program.

Updating Firmware version and Uploading Certificates

Learn how to update the firmware on your WiFi boards, and how to upload SSL Root Certificates.

Installing libraries

Learn how to install software libraries with the new library manager tool in the Arduino IDE 2.0.

Using the Serial Monitor tool

Learn how to use the new Serial Monitor tool in the Arduino IDE 2.0, and how it works differently from older versions.