Note: this page refers to a product that is retired.

Arduino On Android Kit

Use your Arduino MEGA ADK (usb cable included) to connect an Android device. Mount all your experiments on the breadboard and join your components using your wire kit. Build visual indicators using some of the 40 LEDs in the kit; you have them in 4 different colors.

Build your own physical controller to your phone using some potentiometers (you get a total of 10). Make a simple robot using 2 continuous rotation servo motors. Measure the amount of light using some of the 5 light sensors included. Display texts and small graphics on the 2 bicolor dot matrix LED display (32x16 LEDs). Control your physical world with a relay module (wires included).

Check if your project is upside down with the tilt module. Make a small keyboard out of the 5 push buttons. Play small melodies using the piezo speaker. Measure the distance using the ultrasound sensor. Power up your projects with the 5V voltage regulator. Determine the precise amount of degrees using the temperature sensor module. And don't forget you get the 176 pcs resistor kit for your prototypes.

The kit includes:
1 Arduino ADK board rev.3
1 USB cable type A/B
1 Breadboard 830pt with Wire Kit 10 LEDs (red)
10 LEDs (green)
10 LEDs (yellow)
10 LEDs (blue)
5 Photoresistor
8 Potentiometer 10kilohm
176 Resistors Kit
2 Continuous rotation servo motor 1 Tilt sensor 5 Pushbuttons
1 Piezo capsule
1 Temperature Sensor TMP36
1 Relay Module 1 Ultrasound Sensor
1 5V voltage regulator TO220
2 100cm Connection wire for modules 3 50cm Connection wire for modules 2 32X16 RG Bicolor LED Dot Matrix Unit Board SPI

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