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Arduino Board Serial

Arduino Board - Serial Interface

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Photo by Nicholas Zambetti
Photo by Nicholas Zambetti

It's a basic board that uses RS232 as an interface to a computer for programming or communication. This board is easy to assemble even as a learning exercise. It has been designed to use the simplest component as possible so that it's easy to build even if you look for parts at the shop around the corner.

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Version 1 (Obsolete - NOT available any longer)

Note: as for 2005/03/30 these were the original designs manufactured for the first time

Version 2

Download Eagle Cad files / schematic / part list

Note: design from 2005/10/02

Last update 2019/12/03 by SM

Part List for the Serial (RS232) Arduino

Digikey parts from Tom Igoe Arduino RS232 BOM

S11Reset pusbutton535916SW400-ND
IC2178xxL7805 TO220701853LM7805CT-ND
X11DB9 PCB female connector4106118A2100-ND
LED11Green LED656719160-1144-ND
POWER14 pin header3291777A26509-20-ND
J216pins headerA26509-20-ND
J1, J328 pins headerA26509-20-ND
X212.1mm power jack224959CP-102AH-ND
Q1116 MHz Quartz641029300-6034-ND
D111N40041N4004 or equivalent2517071N4004GICT-ND
D2, D321N41481N41483993901N4148FS-ND
R711k1/4 W resistor5091641.0KQBK-ND
R314k71/4 W resistor5092434.7KQBK-ND
R1, R4, R5, R6, R8510k1/4 W resistor50928010KQBK-ND
C8110uElectrolitic Capacitor920502P11250-ND
C2, C3222pPolyester Capacitor8964101330PH-ND
C1, C52100nPolyester Capacitor146079P4201-ND
C6, C72100uElectrolitic Capacitor920629P10269-ND
R212201/4 W resistor509097220QBK-ND
X3128pin IC socketED3128-ND
IC11ATMEGA8Atmega8 28pin DIP microcontroller3917927ATMEGA8-16PI-ND
ICSP1ICSP2x3 pins header3291947A26509-20-ND

Part List for the Arduino Serial Board (RS232) V2

APPROVED 20051017 by David Cuartielles

Digikey parts from Tom Igoe

Arduino RS232 BOM

S11Reset pusbutton53591635-656-29SW400-ND
IC2178xxL7805 TO22070185373-000-16LM7805CT-ND
X11DB9 PCB female connector410611844-057-00A2100-ND
LED11Green LED65671975-012-08160-1144-ND
POWER14 pin header329177743-782-79A26509-20-ND
J216pins header43-782-95A26509-20-ND
J1, J328 pins header43-783-11A26509-20-ND
X212.1mm power jack22495942-051-67CP-102AH-ND
Q1116 MHz Quartz64102974-517-01300-6034-ND
D111N40041N4004 or equivalent25170770-003-911N4004GICT-ND
D2, D321N41481N414839939070-005-571N4148FS-ND
R114k71/4 W resistor50924360-785-704.7KQBK-ND
R212201/4 W resistor50909760-784-14220QBK-ND
R3,R421k1/4 W resistor50916460-784-971.0KQBK-ND
R5, R6, R7, R8, R9510k1/4 W resistor50928060-786-1210KQBK-ND
C1, C52100nPolyester Capacitor14607965-505-29P4201-ND
C2, C3222pPolyester Capacitor89641065-861-681330PH-ND
C6, C72100uElectrolitic Capacitor92062967-010-80P10269-ND
C8110uElectrolitic Capacitor92050267-008-01P11250-ND
IC11ATMEGA8Atmega8 28pin DIP microcontroller391792773-672-04ATMEGA8-16PI-ND
X3128pin IC socket48-161-87ED3128-ND
ICSP1ICSP2x3 pins header329194743-717-12A26509-20-ND

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